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SAD😭|| Over 500 000 People might Not Receive Their SRD R350 Because Of This Reason.

By giving those who are unemployed a social assistance grant in the amount of F350, the government has been making an effort to help people with achieving their fundamental requirements. Because so many people were forced to leave their employment as a direct result of the coronavirus and have not been able to find new work since then, this grant has proven to be of great assistance. They have been able to provide for themselves thanks to the social relief grant. 

On the other hand, a lot of people are really worried since there have been rumors that the funding for this grant is getting close to running out. On Friday, there was a meeting about the continuation of this grant between Sassa and the standing committee. The conclusion of that meeting was that the budget for the department of social development must be reduced because it has been the department that has consumed the most resources ever since the beginning of the coronavirus. 


It was disclosed that the SRD's budget for the current fiscal year will be lowered to R44 billion from its previous projection of R50 billion. The unfortunate news is that as a result of the reduction in the budget, it is possible that some of the SRD beneficiaries will not receive their grants. This is due to the fact that the budget will not be sufficient to provide for everyone. As a result of the reduction in funding, it is anticipated that there would be over 500,000 individuals who will no longer be eligible to receive their stipend. 

The beneficiaries of the SRD found that the posting of this information was like rubbing salt in their wounds. They are advising the government that it should cut off all foreigners because there are some foreigners who are getting the grant. The advice comes from the fact that some foreigners are receiving the grant. Others went even further to assert that there is sufficient funds, but that corrupt government officials are taking too much of it. Because of this, they believe that it will not be enough. Look down below for some comments left by other Facebook users. 

It is my opinion that rather than wasting money on this SRD thing, the government should use this budget to create projects that will help people get jobs because Rs 350 is not even enough to cover all of the expenses that a person might have. Rather than wasting money on this SRD thing, the government should use this budget to create projects that will help people get jobs. This will, in the long run, be beneficial to the nation as a whole since it will result in a decline in the rate of unemployment and the creation of new opportunities.


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