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Does this mean they will hire only those who got vaccinated on EAs posts?click here

More questions asked on EAs and GAs.

The youth have been waiting for this opportunity for an employment in South Africa. Now everyone that is ready to apply for Educational Assistant jobs there are some questions hat have been asked to the candidates if whether they have vaccinated or not.

This question have raised many eyebrows.

The youh have been asking themselves on why are they asking them this kind of question. Are they being forced to vaccinate before they get employed or what.

Mr President Cyril Ramaphosa has once stated that nobody is being forced to take a vaccinate but now they ask before applying for an employment.

In my opinion i don't think it is right for them to ask this question because what if someone gets vaccinated then they don't get a job? Is vaccinating a job requirement? I think they should try find another way to get people vaccinated other than advertise a job and putting a vaccine as a requirement.


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