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What does 'Debtor' SASSA SRD Status Means

In the event that you've done a SASSA award status check for the SRD award and it said 'account holder', you may be befuddled. We could possibly assist you with getting what this implies and what you need to do.

A few candidates for the Exceptional Help of Pain (SRD) award are as a rule left mistook for some inquiries as they see a 'Borrower' SASSA award status reflected when they check their SASSA application status. 

SASSA has given some understanding into what this implies. 

The organization has said that should you see this, it implies that you were paid in the last round however when reviews were done, you were viewed to not have been qualified to get the award. 

SASSA then, at that point, says that you should take care of those assets before you are considered for the new round of the R350 award. 

Should you not be content with this, you would then be able to present a R350 award advance. You have 30 days in the wake of being given this motivation to do as such.

Step by step instructions to Request SASSA Alleviation Award On the web 

1. Go to the SRD Award site 

2. Look down to 'Application for reevaluation' 

3. Snap on the yellow bar 

4. Fill in the necessary fields 

You should give reasons with regards to why you trust you were declined on an unjustifiable premise. When you present an allure, SASSA will then, at that point, consider your application once more. 

Should you have presented your SRD award offer, you will then, at that point, need to follow it.

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