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Unemployment rate is the highest in the world in SA.

Unemployment is all our problem – good intentions are not enough - South African government released the latest unemployment figures. They’re not unexpected, but they’re harrowing – and damning. At 34.9%, South Africa has the highest official unemployment rate in the world. Add the expanded definition that includes discouraged job seekers and others who are not economically active and it’s a staggering 46.6%. But percentages allow us to look away unless we realise that this expanded unemployment rate translates to almost 11 million people – people just like us – who have no jobs, are not in training and have no means of providing for themselves, or their families. It’s a catastrophe.

Not having a job is the worst thing ever, with the Covid-19 and the recent economic performance of the country , South Africans are at the worst times. The unemployment rate has been at a highest rate in a long time, families are struggling as everything is just expensive. Life is hard as the most simplest jobs are taken by foreign nationals.

Source credit :'s%20unemployment%20rate%20hit,points%20to%20a%20shocking%2046.6%25.

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