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Business Management analysis

After a customer laughed at him for working at Boxer, cashier went and did this on social media

The rate of unemployment in the country has rapidly increased. People have become desperate to just get employed despite of what type of job they may settle for.

A lot of educated people are working low paying jobs because of the unavailability of employment. some people however do not understand this concept and tend to undermine those who will simply be trying to earn and honest living doing low paying jobs rather than sitting and waiting for the jobs that they studies for.

A heartbroken Boxer store cashier went on social media to express how heartbroken he was after a customer had shouted at him and called him uneducated. He shared the qualifications that he had as he narrated the story of what had transpired between him and the customer. the customer had asked for a certain type of snack that the store did not have in stock.

After pointing out that they did not have it in stock the customer lashed out at him and told him that the reason he was working for Boxer was because he was stupid. he mention the qualifications that he helped and said

''I have five qualifications that I have obtained in my life which are

-Business management Diploma

-Financial management Diploma

-Fire Marshall (level 4)

-Retails Management(NQF 4)

-Supply chain management (Bcom)

Some of us are educated just that we are unfortunate in terms of getting our career jobs" he wrote

A lot of people felt sorry for him and imagined what he must have gown through after being abused by a customer in such a way. A lot of people get overlooked by the community simply because of the jobs that they do. People should just lean to respect each other and not only respect those that have jobs that seem better. we hope and pray that this guy gets his dream job so he can actually be happy.

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