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"If you want to skip to Zimbabwe or Lesotho to look for a job do it now ", EFF official says

Image: Fana Mokoena

The economic situation is dire in South Africa and several citizens are unsure about what will happen. Fuel and food prices are escalating at an incredible rate and it doesn't look like the situation will get better any soon. EFF official, Fana Mokoena has encouraged citizens to consider immigrating to neighbouring countries to pursue opportunities. "If you ever thought of skipping over to Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Botswana, eSwatini or Mozambique to look for job, this would be a good time. Things are about to get rough in yours truly beloved Mzansi. Buckle up! We’re here now", Fana Mokoena said.

But are the neighbouring countries prepared to welcome South Africans, considering the fact that some of their people were viewed as a threat while trying to survive in South Africa? Numerous South Africans had been uncomfortable by the fact that many foreign nationals were preferred by companies for employment. Movements like Operation Dudula are fighting tooth and nail against these foreigners employed in South Africa. How are the neighbouring countries going to accommodate South Africans?

Besides, what opportunities do these countries have to offer for struggling South Africans? Most of their citizens have resorted to skipping into the country, some illegally, because opportunities are extremely scarce in their countries.

Mokoena says Ramaphosa will refuse to step down

Looks like opposition parties who were expecting President Cyril Ramaphosa to step down are throwing in the towel. Uoday EFF official, Fana Mokoena took to Twitter to say Ramaphosa is not going to budge and step down. "Us ordinary folk won’t understand. Being the President of SA must be very nice. Being the most powerful citizen of the land. Hence these chaps won’t leave that seat voluntarily. Ramaphosa is simply going to refuse to step down", Mokoena said.

Fana Mokoena has been vocal about calling the president to step down since the Phalaphala scandal revelations.


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