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Weird jobs that ACTUALLY exist

I know as South Africans we're going through a shortage of employment (we're leading the way for the world in that these days) But here are some jobs that are so strange, even we wouldn't want some of them...

Snake Milker

Yes that was not a typo. A snake milker! I don't think I need to elaborate on this but I will in any case. A snake milker is someone who collects venom from snake so that antidote can be made. The goal is noble but I'm not going anywhere near a snake on purpose!

Odour Judge

This one made me want to laugh and cry at the same time. Basically, your job is to smell people's breath, armpits and feet to test the effectiveness of sanitary products. It's a little bit disgusting to me. I couldn't image willingly putting my nose in any of those areas especially on a stranger

Drying Paint Watcher

This job may sound boring but it is prefferable over the first two. Your responsibility here is to watch paint dry and tear new mixes and changes in colour. Maybe this would be boring for me but I would still try it. The colours would be pretty and the smell of paint wouldn't overwhelm me that much.

Professional Sleeper

This job is heavenly sent! You get to doze off while sleeping disorder research is done on you. This is wonderful. In fact, if any scientists in South Africa want to hire me for this? I'm available! (I'm not joking)

Professional Cuddler

The idea behind it is very cute. But in this overly sexualised world I doubt women in SA would be safe attempting a job like this. But in places like Japan for example, you could hire a girl to cuddle with... ONLY CUDDLES

What is the weirdest job you've ever heard of? Would you do any of these jobs?

Thank you for reading!😊

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