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OPINION| No one must be denied access at workplaces just because they are not vaccinated

This mandatory theory is not understood in a sense that you cannot be allowed to enter the workplace just because you are not vaccinated and not even sick, they put thermometers in place to check everyone's temperature, then they still have to continue to use those measures and I don't get logic to the following. Vaccinated can get infected by covid, they can be hospitalized, may die of covid and they can spread covid. While unvaxx can get infected by covid, they can be hospitalized, may die of covid and can spread covid, while vaccinated people might die from the vaccine. The government's mismanagement has finally caught up with them. They have sucked this country dry so much it will never recover from their thieving. The state of the nation is in tatters and we as citizens are tired of this. So, for them to try and restore the faith that people had in them and have them seen as caring, while they are pushing this agenda as much as possible. I AM VACCINE FREE

A lot of news houses are so much into this Covid vaccines mandate we can’t even breathe. I read at list 3 posts a day about this they are speaking about scientists and specialists whose names are unknown, we have fuel crisis and other problems they can report on. So life is going back to apartheid, what is really going on? Let me tell you, it's called propaganda and it's taking your freedom away so that you have to rely on government, government supposed to build its people but they are actually crippling us and it's a sad sight. Whoever is paying these people to push this agenda is doing a very good job, they are achieving whatever they planned to achieve. This is aimed at making sure that they wil fewer people in this country in the next few years, this decrease its population, BUT STAY WOKE SOUTH AFRICA

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