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Instant karma? Joburg hijacker shot DEAD by quick-thinking driver

See this guy if you think you're having a rough time at work. Joburg police uncovered the body of a suspected carjacker in the stolen vehicle he had been trying to take on Wednesday. The driver, who was also the victim, shot the robber through the windshield. 


After being taken in Sandton, the car was found in Alexandra, with the thief passed out in the rear. He apparently was shot in the chest and managed to run away for a little while, but he ended up dying from his wounds. 

The specifics of the fight are sketchy at best, but we do know that the offender threatened his victim with a blank firearm. But this watchful driver also had a weapon, and he wasn't in the mood to waste bullets. 

The body of the JOBURG hijacker was discovered in the vehicle he had stolen. 

The carjacker was shown to have "worked with accomplices" in order to steal the vehicle. Police were unable to locate them, though. When police arrived at the vandalized car, they discovered a dead man lying across the back seats. 

It was then determined that the car was stolen from Marlboro Drive in Sandton and dumped in an unassuming fashion near the intersection of Shibobo and Score Street. Local security service Vision Tactical has verified that authorities have located and recovered the stolen car.


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