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A 14k earner just received an offer for 33k for 2 years and confused which offer to take

This tweet demonstrates the distinction between men and women. Men say take the 33k you'll earn there and build a plan phambili, while women say don't leave the security of a steady work; what if you're still unemployed after two years? There is a reason why men outnumber women.

In essence, if you accept the R33k position, you would receive a four-year wage in two years, which is a non-repayable salary advance. Okay, so check to see if your contract may be extended beyond 24 months. If so, enter and create value!

Consider the new offer for the following reasons: 1. What are the chances that you will succeed and be promoted permanently? 2. If you're used to living on 14k, set aside 6k for personal development and save the rest. In two years, you will be a completely different person!! 3 I'm hoping the new offer is more senior, which will help your CV!!

Because I am a risk taker, I would accept the greater compensation. This is because I believe in my ability to deliver outcomes as well. Given that this is a more senior position, I'm assuming you'll be more skillful in the next two years, and expertise equals greater opportunities. I despise stagnation.


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