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"My work Dad gave me R200 this morning just for being pretty" a lady causes a stir on twitter

When it comes to the workplace there are different ways in which colleagues treat each other. Some are respectful towards those who are older than them irregardless of what position they may hold. However this doesn't apply to everyone.

Others have a good relationship with those around them when it comes to the place of work. With that being said a lady recently caused a stir on social media after she posted about her workplace. She basically took a while at work with her older colleague who was a man. She wrote on her caption that, the man who she referred to as "work Dad" gave her R200.

Basically this was because she looked pretty on this particular day. However mixed reactions arised after people came across her post. Most people didn't understand why he would even give her money just because of her appearance.

Some thought it wouldn't end well, because this gesture is very unusual. However the lady assured everyone that this was in fact a pure gesture and people should stop being negative. She went on to explain that everyone calls him "dad" because of his age and out of respect. See more of people's reactions down below;


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