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Stop Building Malls In Townships And Build Factories for Jobs:Mzansi Cries Out / Opinion


Over the past years the number of malls that have been built in townships is suprising .Of course malls bring ease of convenience closer townships .But Locals says they already have more than enough malls and now need jobs .

Locals want the Government to start building factories instead so as to create employment. There is no use building countless malls as long as people are unemployed .Who is going to buy from those malls , where are people going to get the money to buy from these malls if they are unemployed ?.Yes malls do create jobs but their main purpose is to take money from the pockets of black people into the pockets of white people.

Also these malls destroy the township economy. People stop buying from local producers and choose to buy from these big franchise who very cheap.Enriching white people who owns these malls .

The Government doesnt care about township economy and thats one of the major reasons why we have such high unemployment rate in South Africa .If local township economy was protected more black people will prefer to start their small businesses instead of looking for jobs .

In fact most of these government officials benefit from having white capitalist set up malls in townships.They get paid for giving them that land,this is while black people dont have land to do anything.This is why they dont care about what black people lose from having malls in townships because they benefit financially from it .

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