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Employees to lose jobs and denied access for refusing to take vaccines

"Vaccine mandates are a human rights violation" is a liberal trap.Ground your opposition materially. The vaccine mandates must be opposed because a segment of the working class will withhold their labor. Vaccinated labor will have to work longer hours with less people on shift.

Well Wits law says that you can't be FORCED to take the experimental vaccines. You just have to be tested ONCE a week instead. law gives exemptions to vaccines too.

When in doubt, don't. That is the rule. And ignore the dimwits telling you what to do with your own body as they clearly are ignorant on the dangers of the mRNA vaccines. You have a right to protect only yourself and not anyone else. That's a fact.

There's always been a religious exemption for vaccines, but there are only a couple of small religions like Christian Scientists where the exemption is valid. Everyone claiming religious freedom because they think their vaccine was made with aborted fetuses is an idiot.

I’d assume that Fauci credited the drop in Covid cases to the vaccine, so why would the mandate be lifted if the vaccine is working?

I’m also not saying they should trade Kai. I just think that this is only the beginning of the mandates, not the peak.

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