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Mzansi left speechless after seeing what Could Happen to the Unvaccinated citizens


Citizens in South Africa are already concerned that the vaccination crisis may worsen, since we all know that some people refuse to take the vaccine for personal reasons. So that part has been attempting to persuade people to vaccinate in any way possible; in fact, some jobs have already stated that people must get fascinated or risk losing their jobs. 

So now a Twitter user has brought up a very worrying subject, saying that he wouldn't be surprised if people are requested to attach their vaccination certificates to their CVs when applying for jobs. It is really concerning since refusing to be vaccinated means that you will be unable to find work, and being unemployed means that you will be forced to live in poverty. 

Many South African individuals are under stress as a result of this situation, and they are unable to even consider what may happen in the near future. This is one of the reasons why some individuals are already depressed and why so many people rely on stealing to get by.

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