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Foreigners Have not Taken Your Jobs, Stop Blaming the Wrong People, EFF Causes a Stir for Reposting

Over the years South Africans have been complaining about illegal emigrants taking their jobs, or employers choosing them all for the sake of cheap labour. All over the country there is a foreign owned tuck shop, or spaza shop and some citizens of the country have been fighting about this and have looted this shops over the past, and they are still doing it in some parts of the even now.

Over the past couple of days these fights and scuffles between foreign nationals and the citizens of the country have been in the spotlight again, with taxi drivers chasing them away from selling at taxi ranks in Johannesburg and the government not issuing or renewing their permits to stay and work in the country.

Some foreign nationals have some trouble entering back into the country ever since they went back home to their respective countries during the festive season. Online there is an on going debate about how black foreign nationals are treated differently from white foreign nationals, and some answered by saying that they don't have a problem with black foreign nationals, but they do have a problem with undocumented immigrants rather.

A guy wrote a tweet on his time line regarding this and it has gotten a lot of traction and responses, in short the guy said that no immigrant has taken someones job, but the citizens of the country where fired by a capitalist employer that has hired immigrants due to their cheap labour, and the employer exploits these immigrants in order to make more money for themselves. He said that we as a nation are pointing fingers at the wrong people when we are supposed to be looking at the person who is handing out jobs.

A lot of people liked this statement he made, even the EFF leader Julius Malema accepted the statement.


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