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SA Youth Are Unemployed Because They Don't HaveThe Right Skills Says Ramaphosa:Mzansi Reacts


South has one of the highest unemployment rate in South Africa .The youth are usually the ones suffering because after completing their degrees they struggle to find jobs .They end up spending years sitting idle at home and resort to crime, drugs and all sorts of bad things .

An article has left South Africans shocked after Ramaphosa said that South African Youth are unemployed because they dont have the right skills.This is shocking coming from a president .What kind of skills is he talking about that South African Youth dont have .

Many people in the comments section say that South Africans are prioritising degrees and shying away from practical skills thats why most companies hire foreigners because they have practical skills which South Africans never bothered to learn.

To a lesser extent this is true all the youth are studying for office jobs , they are studying accounting,human resources etc but they forget that a company only hires one human resources and also a few accountants. So what will happen to the thousands of graduates with that qualification they become unemployed.So its important that youth study for other things besides office jobs .

However to a greater extent whose fault is it that the youth dont have the skills needed .It was wrong for Ramaphosa to blame the youth for being unemployed.As a president he must create incetives and scholarships to encourage the youth to study for those skills that they lack .

In summary the youth must be encouraged to study for other things besides office work.Currently there is a huge supply of people looking for office work but the demand is very low thats why so many youth are unemployed. They must learn practical skills so that companies will stop hiring foreigners .

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