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The entire team of workers you see are foreigners - Twitter post claims

The blame of the employment problems of locals has not only been directed to the ruling anc, but to the influx of foreigners and the companies that employ this foreigners which are sometimes employed by metros. The pictures posted online shows workers who are installing a cable, fibre cables in centurion Pretoria but the post also says that the whole team of workers who are seen wearing reflectors are Foreigners, it seems like in my suspicion that locals went there to inquire the employment of this foreigners and they answered that because locals just don't want to work this types of jobs.


The employment of foreigners in industries such as restaurants, security companies, etc and unskilled to semiskilled industry has been the subject of talk, that there is high employment of foreigners and the private also prefer employing foreigners over locals but with allegations that this is because of cheap labour benefits that this private companies get from this.


However the evidence that this people who are installing cables in centurion are foreigners are all allegations.

Please tell us your opinion on this issue.


Thank you reading.

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