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Someone saw my job hunting post and decided to give me 300 Rand and I bought grocery

Justice Sibusiso Mashele is living in Thembisa. He has been looking for an employment opportunity so that he could change his life for the better. He admits that it is tough for him, but he does not go around begging people but trying to find something for himself, which is good for people who want to change their lives and not just sit at home.

In his words, justice said, "After my job hunting post, someone decided to send me 300 Rand and with a reference of," Good luck with your job hunting." Thank you for your kindness." It is wonderful to see how people want to help each other as much as possible and they do not want to be seen in the media. They are not doing it for clout, but to truly help someone without attention.

He is looking for work with a grade 12 certificate, and because he was unable to further his studies, his chances of finding work may be low. He knows where he comes from and how his mother is able to put food on the table, which he appreciates so much. He is not shy to reveal how his mother is able to get an income.

He has shared how his mother gets the income. It is another step into knowing that, he does not have to dwell on the situation at home that is bad, he does not have to hold on to it and then people will feel sorry for him. He is expecting that he will get something that will help him change his life and he is doing the best he can. It is said all the time how you get help you do something.

"God help those who help themselves." He has even shared a place where he is living. It looks very decent and everything is in order. He is managing his life from home and that shows he will do well when he gets employment. Living under conditions that are not great does not mean you don't have to become unpresentable.

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