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Foreign national hired me without telling me the truth, I get paid R10 for each client lady confess


Lack of employment is forcing our people to fall for traps, a video shared on social media shows how young woman got rescued from a dirty business run by a foreign national. She explained that she thought to herself that she got a job until she was forced into drugs. After that she was then told to service clients for ten rand which goes to that man who employed her.

Men who come to this building pay through time and we get paid our money end of the day, he said. He give us drugs and food we buy with that ten rand we earn from clients. More than ten clients come into this building each day and all we have to do is give what they came here for. While he collects the money and dose us with the drugs he sells.

A friend from the village told me about a job, little did I know that we are coming to this kind of environment.

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