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Experiences when it comes to job haunting||What has been your experience with job haunting

The act of looking for work due to unemployment, underemployment, dissatisfaction with one's current position, or a desire for a better position is referred to as job hunting, job seeking, or job searching.

It's difficult to find a new job. On the one hand, having a job makes you more appealing to potential employers. On the other hand, one wrong move could result in you being fired or, at the very least, tarnishing your reputation in the marketplace. Here's how to conduct a job search while still working.

Making as many contacts as possible is a highly effective way to find work. Online social networking sites are increasingly being used by job recruiters and decision makers to gather information about job applicants.

Similarly, job seekers are starting to use social networking sites to promote their skills and post resumes. Using these social media networks has resulted in one out of every six job seekers finding work.

In their pre-interview information gathering process, job seekers need to start paying more attention to what employers and recruiters want, and be able to deliver those aspects that are essentially different from their qualifications on résumé, and specific to the built organizational culture for their strategic outcomes.

What people are saying about their job haunting experiences:

"I am an actress and it's so hard for us as ladies to get gigs because these directors want to sleep with us. I was given a role in 2019 I started shooting in the middle the executive producer wanted sleep with I refused then he gave that role to someone. He changed the character just like that. It is still hurts till today."

" Graduated for my BEd degree in 2019 up to this date I am not employed. I have relocated to seek employment with no luck, been emailing and calling schools with no luck. Right now I am depressed, suicidal. It's so draining 😭😭 words cannot even begin to describe the pain I FEEL. "

" I ended up taking Depression pills ,.... After not getting a Job for long time .. 😭💔.. nd worse part that Is stressing me , I'm from a poor background"

"It's very hard if you don't have connections,Money for bribery,and they all want someone with experience but how will you get experience if nobody hires you."

It just goes to demonstrate that majority of us are going through similar issues when it comes to job haunting.I believe that self-employment is necessary because jobs are hard to come by, and even if they are, we lack experience. So being your own boss can be quite beneficial and can also lead to other career chances.

What has been your experience with job haunting?

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