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Mihlali will charge you your whole salary for a one day face beat. Click

Mihlali Ndamase a popular youtuber and influencer just launch her makeup app. She made her way through fame by doing make up tutorials on YouTube. Seems like Mihlali is tired of doing things for little cash since she also has her makeup classes and now has released the charges for a face beat. R25,000 is what was indicated on the app and tweeter was divided after that. People were saying no one should complain because Mihlali knows her target market and its not just regular people. Other people defended her highly ridiculous price by saying that Mihlali could be doing something better instead of your farebeats hence she charges that high for a beat, she is working at a loss.

The other side was saying Mihlali is very ambitious with that price for just one day. One tweeter user jokingly said he would not wash his face for 3 days after Mihlali does her job. Well seems like that was just a glitch or a marketing strategy done by Mihlali and her team because she has fixed the error and the actual start up price is R2,500. This got tweeter hectic, Mihlali was really smart with this strategy. Would you pay R25,00 for a beat? Comment, like and share.

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Mihlali Ndamase


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