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Photo Of Two Female Graduates Caused Reactions Online After This Question Was Asked

The photo of two graduated students is currently causing a lot of confusion on the Internet. This is because the question which was posed as a regular Twitter subscriber who took a picture and asked a very interesting question that somewhat condemns the deep morale of the job searching industry.

As can be seen from the question web-based media handler identified as @Niishukura, the women in the photo above had graduated the same time and school, but one of them will find a new job sooner than the other, which will no doubt take years. go will spend time at home before getting a good job.

In response to the post above, several online media clients didn't hesitate as they were quick to share their specific reasons why one of the two graduates would surely find a new job sooner than the other. Most job holders agreed with the poster as some of the two women pictured above had an automatic qualifications to start work immediately.

Another user said that one of the two women is currently showing off her accreditation while another social media user insists one will get a husband faster and the other to hit the streets.

How do you feel about the image and appearance of the two women? Which of the two women was the poster referring to when he said on of the graduates would find a new job sooner? Don't take the time to spread the word and invite family and friends to get engaged. Like and also follow our page for more fiery articles.

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