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Check Out the Thing that you need to think about Sassa

In excess of 170 000 government workers are getting unlawful social distinctions, Social Improvement Clergyman Lindiwe Zulu has uncovered in one more made answer to a parliamentary solicitation. 

You can not get two wages from the public authority on the grounds that the Sassa 350 and the social awards are given by the public authority. So individuals need to ensure that they didn't do any debasement. In case you are utilizing a bank of somebody who brings in cash from the public authority or your bank while you get cash in excess of 500 month to month. Your social award R350 will be shut on the grounds that you have a steady pay. The individuals who didn't accept their cash today should not freeze promotion there are in good company others are encountering exactly the same thing. 

SASSA recipients and award installments are being hurt because of the plundering, insecurity, and harm in the country. A few mail centers and SASSA workplaces were wrecked.

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