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People left in disbelief after seeing that employment may be terminated if not vaccinated

With the vaccination rate moving slowly it seems that the government will do anything in order to increase the vaccination rate. The South African President Cyril Ramaphosa once said that people will not be forced to get vaccinated.

However it seems now that being vaccinated is becoming compulsory, as to enter some place you will need to be vaccinated first. People on social media were left in disbelief after seeing that employers may be able to terminate employment for non vaccinated staff members.

By doing this it does seem as if people are slowing being forced to be vaccinated, as no one will want to lose their job because they are not vaccinated. Surely after seeing this many people will be lining up to go get vaccinated.

Some people on social media even said that someone has lost his job because he was not vaccinated. It seems as if this will be something that will happen if people are not vaccinated. Surely this will cause panic to many people in South Africa, as people will feel threatened to losing their jobs if they are not vaccinated. Surely this should not be the case, as people should feel comfortable at work even if they are not vaccinated.


Being vaccinated save lives and the more people are vaccinated the less chances that the virus will spread. However people should not be forced to get vaccinated, as the President Cyril Ramaphosa said. People should not be threatened by their job just because they are not vaccinated. It should be someone's choice to be vaccinated and should do so without feeling threatened.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made about this whole situation.

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