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Did you know that SA Gvernment wants to loot 12% of employees salaries into a social security fund?

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Social development minister Lindiwe Zulu is proposing a compulsory social security fund that all workers are obliged to contribute to. But I doubt that will happen because already people are against this proposal saying that they already faced salary cuts last year and now government wants to loot more of their salaries to get richer!

According to her proposal, ALL employers and employees will be obliged to pay into a government-run national social security fund, and she justified this by claiming that this is based on “social security principles of risk pooling and social solidarity.”

But while she's busy proposing nonsense, we all know that people who will feel this tax are those that survive on very little salary to begin with and spend so much trying to pay for black tax, houses and cars! Either way, even Jesus takes less than 12%, why is government trying to be spicy?

@Lowentle_ Guys I don't even pay Jesus his 10% regularly but government wants 12%

An unimaginative government, no ideas to grow the economy or attract invest. Always looking for the softest and easiest solutions, i.e getting money from the shrinking tax base @Khanyi_seele

The government can't give its employees 3% increment but would expect people to pay 12% into a fund they are going to loot? Does Lindiwe even know what 12% means to an ordinary South African household @Lebuso15 tweeted to which @maya_baya responded On top of my 30% salary cut from last year! It’s impossible.

With the pattern that government is taking, it won't be long before they want to tax us for something else. Someone even proposed that we just work for free and collect food parcels since government wants to tax all the money. They are always seeking for us to fund their lavish lives on some lies of social security. They'll say it's social security now but when the funds need to be released at some point, it'll come out that the money is actually missing!


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