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"Guys I'm moving to Johannesburg. I found employment "

It is hard to find a job in South Africa. In the second quarter of 2021, South Africa's unemployment rate rose to a record high of 34.4%, with close to 12 million people falling within the broad term of “unemployed” in the country, and ranking South Africa’s unemployment rate the highest on a global list. This is the reason why too many young people have resorted to crime. They commit crimes just to survive.

Given that Africa has the world’s youngest population, the lack of steady, formal-sector jobs is an enormous political and economic risk factor. Unemployed youth are more likely to be criminals, may be lured into militant groups, and contribute to political unrest.

With few other opportunities, the cost of engaging in harmful behaviors is lower than it otherwise would be. Economic vulnerability among the young contributes in important ways to overall social instability that frustrates economic growth.

Smangaliso is the luckiest guy who is from Durban. Corona or no corona, he found employment in Johannesburg. To all the people who are unemployed, there is still hope for you too. If Mangaliso got a job, it means you can also get a job.

The journey to employment can be one of the most nerve-racking and frustrating experiences for any South African to go through. Looking for a job can be filled with stress and disappointment.

Education and prior work experience play an important role in the labour market. Employers often prefer to employ those with previous work experience and a higher level of education. Unfortunately for the youth, lack of work experience is a stumbling block that results in them finding it hard to secure employment.

In most cases, these young people have contracts that have unspecified duration or the contracts are of a limited duration, and consequently do not have access to employee benefits such as medical aid, pension fund, paid sick leave and permanent employment.

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