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A "successful job" application as a cashier at Makro ended in tears

A woman recently sparked a commotion on social media when she revealed what happened to her after she applied for a position as a cashier. During the interview, the lady stated that everything appeared to be legitimate, beginning with the application procedure and ending with the job offer. According to her caption, it took some time before she recognized she had been duped into falling for a fraud.

In essence, the "business" wanted her to pay a set amount of money. A red signal for me was the fact that recruitment companies do not charge their applicants any fees. As a result, it is critical to thoroughly investigate job possibilities in order to prevent being a victim of a scam. People were completely taken aback by what had occurred. More reactions can be found in the section below.

Makro responded to the lady's tweet by demonstrating how their applications are actually used in the field. This will undoubtedly benefit a significant number of young people who are currently out of work.

What do you think about what happened to the lady and how people reacted in general? Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Have you ever had an encounter that was similar to this one?

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