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Skeem saam: Charlie kicks Melita out of her job

Charlie is through with Melita


Sources: Skeem Saam Twitter page

Charles has definitely no time to play games and he fires Melita from her job. Charlie is firing Melita because she apploed for a job on another company, while she works at Charlie's place. Charlie feels like Melita is not happy working him.

Melita got scammed on the job that she was applying, and things are not looking good for her. She borrowed money from Dragon and he will cone back to demand his money with interest, how is he going to pay him because now she is unemployed.

Melita wants to be her own woman, she wants to wants to earn the real money and Charlie is not paying her the real money that she wants. What is she going to do now, in my opinion i think she should just beg for her job back. Atleast she learned her lesson.

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