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Nowhere To Hide For Foreigners||See Which Company Giving Them Until April To Sort Out Their Papers

It seems like the wheels of justice are starting to turn on the issue of foreign nationals being employed in this country. Things might not happen at the pace that we want but at last, the law is being upheld. One day at a time this fight will be won.

We know Operation Dudula and PutSouthAfricaFirst have put pressure on government officials to start doing their job. This is something that was supposed to be done a long time ago but they only do it now because they see that Operation Dudula is stepping forward and taking the shine while they are to blame. Operation Dudula has been going out to companies demanding that they hire South Africans and if foreigners are employed, they should have scarce skills and not do entry-level jobs.

Now there is a company that is now acting on foreigners and they have issued out some directions which they have to follow and should they fail then the employer will have to let them go. However, South Africans are not happy at all about this because it looks like the employer is trying, by all means, to help these people to get the right documents. One thing that we know is that people who work at a garage do not possess a scares skill as this is required.

Caltex Has now issued an important notice to foreign nationals who are permit holders. They are now being given until the end of April to make their papers in order or all hell will break loose. But South Africans are not happy about this but they welcome the approach. The aim is to have all entry-level jobs being done by South Africans. Foreigners working in this country should do so because they have rare skills. This is the main purpose and the end goal, that patriots are working towards.

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Caltex Has Operation Dudula PutSouthAfricaFirst South Africans


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