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GOOD-NEWS: If you work for this company your salary will be raised

Good news has just broken out for certain workers. It is no secret that the South African economy is not in a good and promising state. The rate of inflation keeps spiraling out of control while the wages remain stable, Employers are making a profit with their products, but employees are getting small wages at the end of the month, and that is unfair.

The good news has just broken out that workers for Woolworths will earn more in a few coming years (2023) "Woolworths increases worker minimum wages by 24% to 41 per hour by 2023" Reported Blessings Ramoba.People rushed into the comment section to share their thoughts on this. Some people were happy for Woolworths workers "Yhoo they will be loaded Moes...They'/ll earn close to 12K per month" said Semenya. Some people were saying that by 2023 the prices of goods might be too high "it won't make difference by then" said Thando who believes that with the forever rising inflation rate; this wage won't change anything.

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