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Road Accident

What This Driver Was Caught Doing Might Just End His Career

There are certain things that we do because we want to entertain people. There are also things we do because we are just that way. At times we do things not knowing how far they will go, and also what they will mean to us in the end. On this particular video, a man who is believed to be an Uber or bolt driver/ which is still not confirmed decided to take a video of himself, whilst driving an elderly white man to his undisclosed location.

The man was too comfortable, and also seemed to be too tired that he decided to take a nap in the car. He was sleeping with his mouth wide open, and it was his private moment even though he was being transported. The elderly white man is still unidentified, his name is not disclosed to the public. The video was so unexpected, and left many in stitches, and they couldn't control laughter, even though it was through social media. 

The man who was driving the car, took a video whilst imitating his sleeping passenger. It is the funniest thing you will ever watch. However, there are people who say it might cost him the job. If he is an Uber driver he might even be reported. There hasn't been a response from both sides since the video started trending. What do you think of this video, and how do you think this should be handled. The driver obviously was just being playful, and did not mean any harm to anyone. He probably thought he was just having fun whilst driving. Do you think this might get him into trouble or it will be seen as a simple humor. There have been a number of videos with are worse than this one. This one doesn't seem to have meant any harm on anyone.


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