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How To Enjoy The Festive Season With Low Budget. Tips On How To Save Money While Not Missing Out.


13 November 2021

As we all know that 2020 and 2021 have been the worst years we have encountered, it turns out that almost everyone is still suffering from the long-term effects of unemployment. Last year millions of people lost jobs due to Covid19 lockdown restrictions.

Some companies closed and up until today have never opened and reinstated employees. If a company closes for a very long time there's a high possibility that it might become bankrupt as the liabilities will be more than assists. Remember that a company has the liability to pay the employees, pay dividends to its shareholders and stakeholders.

What are these effects:

For someone who has all figured out for a long time and experienced a quick turn in their lives, it takes a long time to adapt to the new life and accept the situation as it is. Also, budgeting can be a problem for someone who is used to getting a big salary stipend.

This article is meant to advise those worried about going to the festive season with a low budget.

a) Draw a budget for December and January.

December is the month where people spend so much money. During this month people unite through family gatherings, some meet longtime friends. Because this year was a very difficult one for almost everyone, it is very important to go to December with a stable budget. Draw a budget to see how much you will need.

b) Do not use stokvel for parcels.

Let us be honest on this one too much food is not a wise decision. If you have a stokvel or a society for raising funds rather request for cash and use cash to buy a small quantity of the food as usual. Also, consider buying with stickers.

c) Buy in bulk during Black Friday.

Black Friday marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. Many stores offer highly promoted sales on Black Friday. This is the perfect day to buy food and store it in a safe place to use during December.

d) Avoid buying excessive and expensive alcohol.

If you studied biology you will recall that alcohol has one chemical which once activated will weaken the liver and activate dopamine. Once dopamine is activated you will start to feel pleasure. It doesn't matter which alcohol you bought it works the same way. The best thing is to buy cheap alcohol, at the end of the day you will get drunk like everyone else.

e) Do not impress people buy clothes to impress people.

One of the reasons why people end up spending a lot of cash in December is that they impress people. Remember December is just 31 days long after it there's always another 31 days of hunger. Be wise and only use money when there's a need to do that.

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