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Markams Employee Dumps Poo Right At The Shop Entrance After Manager Denied Toilet Time

Some people feel that when they are the boses at their work place, they are untouchable and whatever they say goes without any questions raise, managers are monsters as they treat their subordinates with very little respect and they feel as if they own them whenever they are at work, they treat their junior as slaves with very little respect, but this manager must have learnt a good lesson after he refused to let an employee to go to the toilet, what she did is unbelieveable, he just could not hold it anymore and she did it right there in the shop, worse part is that she did it right at the door.

Reports emerging suggests that a manager of one of the big shops at an unnamed shopping Mall in Gauteng decided against allowing this lady time to go to the toilet, since whenever nature calls it never compromises, the employee felt she is too pressed and can't keep in any longer, she had to make a decision and the decision she made was not foreseen, but she had to do something since she needed to relieve herself so bad.

"Markham employee decides to poo in the store after the store manager denied her from going to the toilet. Of all the parts of the store, she decided to do it on the floor, next to the door," reports suggests.

This allegedly happened in one of the shops in Gauteng, but Facebook users have reacted different with most of them saying the employee did the right things since no one should be denied some few minutes to answer the call of nature, some were not happy with her decisions since they believe that she could have just walked to the toileds since there wasn't going to be any punishment for it.

Managers should also stop treating their junior as if they are slaves when at work, they need to treat them as if they are one big family, love and respect each other as if they are siblings, such things will never be experienced.


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