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Five Business Ideas That You Can Start & Be A Success In Your Township.

We are living in tough times in South Africa. It is the pandemic and people are losing their jobs back and forth. To add to that the unemployment rate among the youth is crazy in our country. Depending on the government will leave you in a poor state. How do they expect you to survive of R350 in the current times we live in?

The best solution is to be your own boss and try and find a way that will provide for your township while it generates money for you. There are no jobs so why not create one for yourself:-

These Are The Types Of Businesses You Can Start In Your Township & Be A Success.

Internet Café Business

Internet café is still a lucrative business that can provide you with good profits. With the increasing number of internet users in the country, there is still a significant number of people in townships who have no internet access or computer hardwares.

Before you venture into such a business venture, you have to decide on the size of your internet cafe; the location of your shop, the kinds of products and services you will sell, and your target market.

Opening an internet café close to places that have high traffic of pedestrians such as near Home Affairs, Police Stations, Malls, could guarantee success of your business.

Hire Out Your Electronics

If you have electronics or appliances that you no longer not use at home, you can make money by renting them out.

For examples, you can rent out your laptop, plasma tv, playstation, fridge, etc.

Be that person who makes money by renting out his PlayStation 4. Charged it R100 per day. You can make between R500 to R700 per week.


Like a car wash, you can make a living from washing dustbins in your community if you are a hard working person. Advantage of this business is a low entry cost business with great potential profits. You will need basic cleaning materials such liquid soap, brush, cloth and gloves.

In Soweto they charge between R80 to R100 per month to wash your dustbin. In a month you can make about R3000 which is better than sitting home without an income.


Ice cubes making business is a profitable business venture since ice has variety of usage from preserving the foods, softdrinks and beers during hot weather.

The ice making business doesn’t need a big room or capital to run. It can easily be started in a small rented place or even in your own house. If you are running the business at your home, the only major required investment is for the machinery and nylon ice bags.

Water is the basic raw material for starting this business. So a good source of water is necessary as ice cubes will be used mostly for consumption, so it is necessary to use the pure form of water like sterilized or distilled.


This Ice Cream Making Machine that makes soft serve ice cream cost around R15 000. This machine makes 15 litres an hour giving you potential earnings of R300 per hour.

If you can find a very busy spot like in a busy shopping complex or at school during the break, you can easily make R600 to R800 a day.

Summer is coming and people of all ages love ice cream especially the kids. It's time to cash in hustlers.

Wake up everyday and hustle, even if you see no reason to. It is better to fail trying than to fear the unknown. Fight forward even if you get a 'no' as an answer keep on fighting.

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