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Checkout How Many Professions This Lady has

It breaks my heart to see that although there are a plenty of graduates who are still unemployed even after 10 and many more years of being graduates, Those who were fortunate enough to get the jobs they studied for still go around schools giving learners some motivations which always have a lot of them thinking that okay, Life after graduations life is going to be one good long journey while it's not some will be unemployed and have to do certain things in order to be successful as well.

Well talking about doing certain things in order for one to be successful to take a look at what a lady does in order to be successful and also archive her goals like everybody else, Refer to the pics below 

If there has never been a real definitions of a hutler I'd honestly say that this lady is that definition, It is people like her who actually need to be out giving learners and kids some motivations of what to expect after graduation or even matric, The motivations people are getting always give them with mentality that going into certain things she is seen doing in her pics above is of the low class and unschooled people like building for example, But then truth is a job is a job what matters is how much is going to bring at the end of the day.

One thing we seriously need to get rid of in a lot of each other's minds now is this mentality of looking down on certain job, I think it'd high time we see jobs and jobs and nothing else since we can't all be successful and work at offices and other fancy places, Some of us needs to get dirty so that life can go on as well I mean if we all avoid getting dirty who will wash cars and remove garbage bins since it's not each an of us who can do it for themselves.


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