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SA's Youngest Mechanic: Meet The 13-year-old boy who can fix any car

Mzansi admires a 13-year-old boy who is a mechanic trained by his father (famous mechanic)

 Meet Sphelele Gumede who is now 13. She is a mobile car mechanic living in Verulam. He was trained by his father to be a famous mechanic in their area.

 This photo of Sphelele standing next to a car was shared online and left disbelief among many social media users because it’s something they don’t always see. Most of them were shocked that this 13-year-old boy was more than capable of repairing a car.

 Skill transfer is lacking in the black community and it is mostly taken for granted/damaged while if the environment is good with the willingness to receive a solid foundation of entrepreneurial skill that no one else can. get it from the heir.

 Some social media users agree the child has a high quality experience and a bright future. They said he just needed an education to hone his talent. Parents should never waste his time on irrelevant topics. They just have to take him where he belongs. Providing quality education to children does not necessarily mean you spend a lot of money, but just let the child do what he or she wants.

 Even if mechanical engineering is considered one of the most challenging undergraduate degrees on offer, the 13-year-old boy can and more than be able to repair a car without any qualifications. Generally, in the professional field this boy should have a qualification in mathematics and physics. This was the subject he had to study before considering himself a qualified mechanic.

 Job training is better than book knowledge. Compare his father who was very famous in that area to a mechanic studying and you can see the difference. Those old mechanics can listen to a car engine by a measure and spot the problem. Second take the apprentice’s job to work for others rather than go with his father and expand their family business.

 In my own opinion this kid is better than those who spent many years in universities and after graduation they found themselves on the streets unemployed and ended up drug addicts.


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