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'This is unfair: See Police officers salaries in South Africa (2022)


In South Africa, a police officer may expect to make between $8,550 and $29,600 per month on average (highest).

This is the average American's monthly salary, including housing, transportation, and other benefits. Police officers receive a wide range of salary based on their region, gender, experience, and skills. The evaluation is comprehensive and is based on many different factors in the part that follows.

South Africa's Police Officers' Wages, Distributed:

The median is only calculated with numerical values.

Position on the Pay Scala

In South Africa, officers can anticipate monthly salaries ranging from 8,550 ZAR to 29,600 ZAR (maximum salary)

median wage per hour

Police officers make an average of 20,100 ZAR a month, which means that half of those hired as police officers make less than this amount and the other half make more. The average wage value is the median wage value, to use the median wage as an example. You want to be in the group with incomes higher than the median income depicted on this graph.


The 25th and 75th percentiles are inversely proportional to the median, and vice versa. Police officers make an average monthly salary of 12,900 ZAR, with 25% making less than that and 75% making more. The graph shows that more than half of police officers make less than 26,800 ZAR.

How much money do you make as a (Police Officer) annually?

What effects do your age and experience have on your pay?

Significant experience has the biggest impact on a person's pay. As could be expected, working more hours results in higher remuneration. This is what we discovered when we examined the compensation of police officers in relation to their level of experience.

A police officer at the basic level can make up to 9,710 ZAR per month.

An additional 13,000 ZAR a month, or more than a third of a ZAR, can be anticipated from an individual with two to five years of expertise.

In addition, officers with 10 to fifteen years of service are paid 22 percent more than those with five or ten years of service.

With 10 to fifteen years of experience, an individual can anticipate earning 25,500 ZAR per month, which is 9% more than someone with fifteen to twenty years of experience.

All things considered, the average salary for workers with more than 20 years of experience is currently R27 600 (about R800 higher per month than it was previously).

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