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Opinion:Good news to Sassa Beneficiaries: The R350 are back and this is how you can apply


Sassa has managed to put a smile of the unemployed citizens who were getting the R350 per month . As the COVID-19 has taken its turn where by a new variant has been found , the government have managed to put their heads together to be able o continue giving support to the less fortunate people . The money might not be enough but the little that each one gets, it’s not the same as getting nothing at all.

There has been rules and regulations that have been put in place in order to be reinstated to receiving the R350. The applicants who were previously funded or receiving the R350 have been given a guidance on how to apply for the grant again. There are those of cause who showed concerns whereby their applications were approved but they never got their money.

Sassa social media administrator said that such people should go to Sassa offices and that they were also aware of the glitch in that regards. This is a great news to many South Africans as the Christmas is approaching and the money can help a lot in their households .

Here are the steps you should follow in order to be reinstated for the R350 unemployment grant. 

Please do share any concerns you might be experiencing, if these issues are Sassa related issues, please also tag them so they can be able to answer you . Don’t forget to follow me for more updates.

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