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Businesses may be able to get workers fired if they are not vaccinated

It is so shocking news that workers maybe fired if they are not vaccinated.

Why did government say people are not forced to get vaccinated, most people are very scared to get vaccinated because of the fear of losing their life and their love ones, some of people who already did get vaccinated become more sick then they usually do and that why most of the people in our country are scared of covid-19 vaccine.

Why are they giving employees somuch pressure, some of the employees are the only breadwinner to their families that is why they're scared to get vaccinated because they fear if something happens to them,who will provide their families.

People should be given chance to get used of the vaccine because most of them are scared of vaccine especially J&J.

People must also be careful, put their mask on, keep 1,5 distance to each other, and use sanitizer regular to avoid getting sick.

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