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Heartbreaking moments: A guy is seen washing a moving car in a busy road.

Not knowing how or when you are going to get your next meal can be one of the most painful experiences one can ever go through. The root cause of this situation most of the time is being unemployed.

Being unemployed can be highly frustrating to a point where one gets annoyed. It is a boring, depressing, and misleading feeling not to be employed.

That is why many will try to do whatever they can just to make ends meet and get by. One young man recently left many heartbroken after a video of him washing a moving car went viral.👇🏾

You can check the video through this link:

A lot of comments were shared on Twitter regarding this incident but many were really saddened by the situation, and many wonderd if he would even get paid after that hard effort he put in.

My advice to anyone who would find themselves in this situation like this young man is that, the easiest thing to do during such phase is to give up and get into victim mentality mode but if you are up for the challenge. I think one must be willing to not give up and get going with all blows that may come their way, keep moving without stagnating but rather learning something, perfecting something ,motivating yourself, and read books.

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