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The questions the unemployed youth has to society| Read here the full details

I spent my whole life chasing this education, first because it was expected of me and then because I wanted the key like everybody else. However, I learned early in life that keys do not open doors; people do. As soon as I understood this, I worked harder on self-improvement than I did on exam preparation. That's what has worked for me so far, but the beauty is in how it continues to work.

South Africa's youth unemployment crisis - a ticking time bomb -

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The main question here is what's the use of having a key when you are too short to get to the lock?, this question is directed mainly to society because everyone have been saying education is the key to success but now that the youth is educated and unemployed what now? does it mean education is nolonger the key?

Business confidence is in (extremely) short supply

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Reportedly the rate of employment in South Africa have increased. The official unemployment rate is now 34.4%. The official unemployment rate is at a record of 34.4%, or 7.8 million jobless people, according to Stats SA. Trends show that unemployment is concentrated among the youth and the black African population. These are educated youth which are unemployed so accirding to you as the reader is education really a key to success? if not what is really the key to success according to you?

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