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How rich is junior Khanye? Find out


Most of the time, people guess your income and wealth based on how you live, especially the car you drive. Some people would rather put their money into real estate than into something like a car, which loses value over time. People in our time judge you based on how much money you make and what you own.

When Junior Khanye was down and out a few years ago, many people had given up on him. Since his comeback, he has been called the best at analyzing football. So it's safe to say that people started paying attention to him when the money started coming in.

Junior Khanye's life has changed a lot for the better since he made his comeback. We saw him go to the dentist, buy two cars in less than a year, get a job as an actor, and also write a new book. As a person who does things himself, he is definitely making money from his many businesses.

So let's try to figure out how much he makes as a football analyst. It's well known that the best football pundits in the country can make up to $1 million per season. This number may mostly be for people who work for the top broadcasters in the country, so he is definitely making a lot less than that at iDiskiTV.

We want to know how much he is worth, so we get to find out. Information from one of the most popular YouTube channels, Football Navigator, says that he is worth about R700,000 right now. When his book comes out, which won't be for a few more months, his net worth will definitely go up a lot.

It takes a very special person to be able to make a comeback like Junior Khanye. Junior Khanye is definitely that person.

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