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“They Used to Call me a Zimbabwean, Now they Come to Me Looking for Jobs”- A Successful lady Shares

One thing about life is that people that don't give up always come out on the winning side. Despite the fact that the path ahead may be difficult, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It's important to remember that not everyone who is successful was born into a wealthy family and received everything on a silver platter. Some people had to fight their way out of poverty, and it wasn't an easy task for them. Casper Nyovest and Mpho Makhadzi, for example, were born into impoverished households, and their journey to fame was not an easy one. Even though they faced a lot of opposition and setbacks, they never lost up hope. They are now considered to be among the wealthiest persons in the country. This is an illustration of the principle that if you concentrate on what you want, you will eventually achieve it, no matter how long it takes. 

There are images of a lady who published a narrative on social media that touched the hearts of many people. As a result of her upbringing in a low-income family, the lady had a difficult childhood. She had to establish a crazy brick-making business in order to earn enough money to cover the costs of her university tuition. She was called names and criticized for being always covered in soil from the brick kiln she used to bake her bricks in. Some even referred to her as a Zimbabwean since she was often filthy and engaged in hard labor, but she never gave up because she understood what she wanted and was determined to achieve it. 

Finally, she received her diploma. As I previously stated, there is always a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, she was unable to find employment upon graduation, and so she began selling vegetables on the streets. Things were not going well. So many obstacles were in her way, and people scoffed at her because she had a degree but was selling veggies on the side of the road. What they didn't realize was that her ambitions went far beyond being a street vendor. She will not use the money she makes from selling vegetables to start and register a business called ADORLEE GENERAL TRADING PTY LTD. Her company is now one of the most successful in the country and is actively recruiting. 

Even those who were quick to criticize and identify her as a Zimbabwean are now looking for opportunities to collaborate with her, to summarize a long narrative. 

Hers is one of the most uplifting stories I've ever heard. She has come from nothing to where she is now, and she can state with pride that she has worked very hard to get to where she is now. Many others were moved to tears when they saw this on social media and shared it. Some of the comments on social media can be found below, including: 

This is extremely motivating. Adèle is the type of lady we need in today's society; we don't need women who sit back and wait for the government to instigate opposition on their behalf. It is even stated in the Bible that God assists those who assist themselves. Nothing will be handed to you on a silver platter, so step out of your comfort zone and do what you have to do because nothing will be handed to you.


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