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Save These Pictures And Thank Me Later

At first glance at these pictures, you would think commuters are stuck because of different obstacles on the roads. Yep, they are but social media users have other ideas on why you would want to save these pictures and use them later. They think you can send such pictures to your supervisor or boss to prove that you will be late at work or even to skip work altogether.

Now the tricky part is when 2 or more employees send the same images to their boss. Imagine the humiliation which can also lead to disciplinary action and sometimes losing the job. As a supervisor or boss, you can also keep these pictures so you know when you are taken for a ride. I doubt that anyone will be using these pictures in the future after they were made public.

There are no taxis at the taxi rank and the queues are long.

If you value your job please don't try using these. You'll be caught in the act and lose your job.


Content created and supplied by: Khuboni_Bhele (via Opera News )


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