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Is petroleum engineering a good career ?

Petroleum engineering is a good profession to go into because the salary potential is absolutely outrageous the more years you put into it. Despite this fact there are supposedly still plenty of jobs as long as you are willing to move.The better jobs right after graduation is high compared to most engineering professions.

The course is quite hard and only gets more difficult upon graduation. Although the course is hard for most students continue reading in order to get an idea of what petroleum engineering entails and how what you can expect to form the course.

Petroleum engineers are often subject to sometimes high risk work on offshore oil rigs and as the industry is subject to the whims of the oil market when prices fall layoffs often follow.

A petroleum engineer has various responsibilities which include designing equipment developing physical plans to drill and recover oil and gas and operating computer controlled drilling or fracturing machinery.

Petroleum is necessary for a great number of human needs. Today petroleum is mostly used as a source of energy, being rich in combustible carbon in the production of electricity or running some sorts of heat engines.

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