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Mzansi youth reveal real reasons they quit their jobs

Mzansi youth reveal real reasons they quit their jobs

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There are quite a number of reasons why people quit jobs. These comments from Twitter are some reasons why people felt like they could not stay at their workplaces!

The one day they bought buckets of pink paint, told us to put our laptops aside and get painting!

Was hired as a Supervisor yet doing hard labor. Fell into depression & had back problems from all the oppression I encountered. One day I decided to pack my bags without saying a word and never looked back. Lesson learned : Nothing will ever be worth my Peace

When I became aware that the person I trained who has Matric and I had a degree and four years experience was earning triple my salary just because he was white. I resigned the same day @PutSAfirst99

When we were told that they get anyone from the streets to do our job. I'm a Process Operator in a pharmaceutical company. How do u get some1 from the streets who doesn't even know a reaction to work with chemicals? @Tabongz_SA

When my daughter fell ill, I was told that I should’ve mentioned that my children will be a problem during my interview process…I’m still gathering the guts to leave…this is one of the Big 5 law firms in SA! 🌚 @KhanyiCakes

My son got really ill in the night and so I couldn't make it to work the next day. I informed my boss to which she replied, "this is why I don't give people like you chances" (mothers, married people) @KutieSkosko

Woke up on Monday after a crazy weekend and was supposed to go to work. Looked around all the people was with were not going to work and planing to continue with the party. I weighed the salary and fun/my happiness. Fun/happiness won and I sent a text message that I quit @HOLOBYENKULU

What was your reason for quitting a job? Share your comments!

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