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Youth In Seshego S Youth In Seshego Spookpark speaks up We will Not Vote We DON'T HAVE JOBS | Opinion

In some parts of Limpopo some poeple say they will not be voting because of high unemployment rate in the area. It seems like the government is not doing anything ,they ongly come there when they campaign for votes but when they have to deliver it's a problem.

Spookpark is near Seshego where most of the youth there are uneployment ,have applied for RDP that they been waiting for for a while, it's been over a decade and are very tired as they see no value to vote.

they have lost hope, spookpark is a area where some young poeple are thiefs while other rape young girls and old women and girlsctry to have more babies to receive R400 grant sometimes water can go for four days

A young person also added that there is no interested to vote, adding with the R350 grant unemployment grant, had is only able to purchase items such as maize meal vegetables, fish oil - adding at times there is hardly anything left to purchase electricity.

its seems the more we speak about uneployment the more is like the situation is getting wes other Social media comment,since 1994 until now, We been promised "Jobs" it's 2021 now still we are promise d same thing even some factories in Seshego are closed ongly few are working This money is not enough at least if it was R500, that would make a difference,” said the young man who asked no to be named.

He added: “I have no business in voting it is not doing anything for me and my peers. All that politicians know is to come here and campaign during election time but they don’t have our interests at heard. This voting thing is a huge problem. I have tried to look for a job ever since I finished school but no luck,” he said.

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