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Ladies Be Careful:See What this Manager Asked from A Lady who Was Looking For A Job / Opinion

Unemployment rate in South Africa is high especially among the youth .Its even worse when it comes to women ,in this day and age you find employers who still prefer to hire men than women .Since jobs are scarce people will do anything to get a job nowdays .Covid 19 left a lot of people without jobs .

Whatsapp chat between a manager and a potential employee have been leaked and these chats show that its a cruel world out there .See the chats below .

This manager was asking for a bribe of R1300 for the lady to get the job at the company or if she didnt have the money they can come negotiate at his apartment.

What has really gone wrong wrong in this world .What happened to humanity and helping other people.This man has no shame in what he is asking from this lady.But this is not a uncommon thing nowdays .This is what a lot of women face out there when they are trying to find means to provide for their families .Also women in power are now doing the same thing to men looking for jobs .A woman was arrested for sleeping with 200 men who came looking for jobs at a bank .

People like this should be arrested and made an example of so that people will know that requesting favours from people in exchange for jobs is wrong and illegal.This kind of behaviour must stop.

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