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"He must just go back home and drink his juice." One suggests to a sad looking man in a photo.

Being broke and unemployed can be the hardest thing any person especially a man can go through. It feels bad, you feel underappreciated, you almost feel like a failure at times

My advice to anyone going through a difficult time like this is that one must also have to learn to stay positive in the face of negativity. This is an extremely valuable skill. Your family or friends will not understand why you can't get a job. They may suggest you take some job or go back to school when you don't want to. You will be afraid to meet people and have them ask "What do you do?".

Sometimes you will not want to run into someone you know and have to see their reaction when they find out you are unemployed. Being social becomes a big challenge because of this, which then makes finding a job even harder because many people find jobs through their network.

A certain gentleman who seems to be in this predicament left many people heartbroken on social media after the saw his picture.👇🏾

Others found humor in this image and made fun of the poor fellow. I don't think laughing at someone who seems to be battling is good thing, but rather being supportive can make a difference.

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