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"Tonight On #DurbanGeneral: Thembi Deals With The Loss Of Her Job "


Thembi Deals With The Loss Of Her Job

Lindelani is really driving this women crazy. First it was Sne and Shweni throwing food at each other. Then there was Mbali vandalizing his office and acting like a crazy woman at his house. Now it's Thembi eating papers leaving everyone laughing. Lindelani is definitely the man.

Olwethu accepted when Thembi dumped her. But now finds it difficult to accept when Lindelani dumps her. She is free to dump other people and hurt them but when the same is done to her she acts like a psycho. She does not want to accept rejection but at the same time she rejected Olwethu and Olwethu made peace with that.

Now her job is on the line she acted out of anger. Thembi is ruining her life for a man who does not even love her. Lindelani has never declared his love for her.

This should just be a lesson to many women out there. Never allow a man to make you lose it like that. It's ok if a relationship ends it's also ok when the person you love rejects or choose someone else over you. What is not ok is destroying your life over someone who does not even love you. Acceptance is key. Move on if love is no longer served.


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